Tasmota rule for Button

Rule 1 on button1#state DO WebSend [] Power TOGGLE endon
Rule1 1 – turn on rule

Rule1 0 – turn off rule

setoption73 1

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chan_dongle modem config

Modem settings:

AT+CCWA=0,0,1                    #disable call-waiting
AT+CFUN=1,1                      #reset dongle
AT^SYSCFG=13,0,3FFFFFFF,0,3      #modem 2G only, any band, no roaming

Deleting SMS in sim card memory. After deleting messages you should reset modem.

dongle cmd dongle0 AT+CPMS=\"SM\",\"SM\",\"SM\"

dongle cmd dongle0 AT+CMGD=1,4

Deleting SMS in modem memory. After deleting messages you should reset modem.

dongle cmd dongle0 AT+CPMS=\"ME\",\"ME\",\"ME\"

dongle cmd dongle0 AT+CMGD=1,4


dongle ussd dongle0 *123#       - sending ussd 

Enabling call forwarding:

dongle cmd dongle0 AT+CCFC=4,3,“+3591111111″ ( forwarding all calls)

dongle cmd dongle0 AT+CCFC=4,0 (disable forwarding)

Disable call waiting:

dongle cmd dongle01 AT+CCWA=0,0,1


dongle cmd dongle01 AT+CLIR=1 (включить сокрытие номера)
dongle cmd dongle01 AT+CLIR=0 (выключить сокрытие номера)

Sending SMS

dongle sms dongle01 1234 MESSAGE

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search for short open tags

If you use Linux and try to search for all php files containing short open tags you can use following command

find -type f -exec grep -IlP ‘<\?(?!(php|xml|=))’ {} +

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split mp4 file by size on linux

mkvmerge -o outputprefix --split 1G origfile.mp4

You can use mkvmerge from the packet mkvtoolnix which can easy and fast do the job

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Expectations from companies when you say you’re a full-stack developer

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