И аз искам да чарджвам по толкоз на час

Интересно ми стана … хората искат да чарджват яко само за да отелят малко време и да видят колко време ще е необходимо за отстраняването на реалния проблем.


Before we can proceed, we require your authorization for our hourly administration charges ($37.50 per half hour if you are an existing Advanced Services client, $62.50 per half hour if you are not an existing Advanced Services client).

Once the charges are approved, we can perform our initial impact assessment (30 minutes) to determine if more time will be required to either correct this issue or to perform the requested procedures. We will let you know how much more time is needed after the initial impact assessment is complete.

Please reply to this ticket with authorization for the initial 30 minute charge.

Thank you!

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