morfeoshow проблем с polaroid изгледа в explorer

Morfeoshow Polaroid IE Problem

Morfeoshow joomla component like the one used on this site, is beautiful picture gallery that is easy to setup and use. However Polaroid layout has a little annoying problem, when opened with IE the first visit to the gallery it works beautifully. You visit other pages in the site, then click on the gallery again, or refresh the page, here come the problem.
At Polaroid setting all the photos overlap each other pile up at the left top corner of the gallery’s confine area, so you can’t really see or select the photos at all.

There are people that have the same problem, but after good part of the evening wasted on trying to google for solution I gave up and started to dig deeper to overcome this “bug” my self.

Here is what I found:

The Internet explorer’s file catch is partly to blame, any time the page is displayed it catches images and flash and stores it on hard drive for later use. When the page is revisited the images and flash files are loaded from local temporary folder instead from server speeding up the load times. Unfortunately this will create problems with flash as more and more flash files are displaying dynamic data.


Quite simple, we need to create random number and append it to the script calling the flash file. Now Internet explorer will think it’s a totally new file and wont load it from temp folder.

Lets jump right to it, locate Polaroid.php in morfeoshow component folder and open it in notepad or dreamware if you have it. Make sure to make copy of it in case we mess up and have to go back to it. Now insert following line

$r = rand(1,30000);

in first row after <?php opening string.

Now locate following line

var so = new SWFObject(„‘.JURI::root().’components/com_morfeoshow/src/polaroid.swf“, „polaroid“, „‘.$params[„widthpl“].'“, „‘. $params[„heightpl“].'“, „8“, „#’.$params[„bkgnd3″].'“);

and replace with

var so = new SWFObject(„‘.JURI::root().’components/com_morfeoshow/src/polaroid.swf?c=’.$r.'“, „polaroid“, „‘.$params[„widthpl“].'“, „‘. $params[„heightpl“].'“, „8“, „#’.$params[„bkgnd3″].'“);

Save the new file and replace one on the server with this one and you are done.
Should now work like a charm.

I hope this helps, so far I have had many emails asking for solution to similar problem with postcard mode. I did not have time to take a look at it but it looks like the problem mite be very similar to one with polaroid bug we have just solved.

Robert Moskal

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