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dkim on debian with postfix

This is a guide to installing OpenDKIM for multiple domains on a Postfix-installtion on Debian. I tried some other guides but kept running into problems, so this is how I did it. Among others, Google Gmail and Yahoo mail check

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sort output from linux du command

du -h | perl -e ‘sub h{%h=(K=>10,M=>20,G=>30);($n,$u)=shift=~/([0-9.]+)(\D)/;return $n*2**$h{$u}}print sort{h($b)h($a)};’ > dusort.txt

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openvpn username password auth

In your config you need to add username-as-common-name auth-user-pass-verify /etc/openvpn/verify.php via-file Then create the file and paste in it #Now add this code into the file #!/usr/bin/php Don’t forget to add users 😉 echo „myfirstuser:password123“ > /etc/openvpn/users

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This can be set to false in about:config security.mixed_content.block_active_content

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idea for id storing of files

If you have some time of id in your database and you want to save file associated with this id it’s not a good idea to make dir with id value and save the file there because on some point

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