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search for short open tags

If you use Linux and try to search for all php files containing short open tags you can use following command find -type f -exec grep -IlP ‘<\?(?!(php|xml|=))’ {} +

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restore wordpress widdget from database backup

If you wish to restore wordpress text widget from backup you need to follow those steps 1. Copy content from wp_options of the widget for example option_name=widget_text 2. Paste it on the new site 3. Restore all widgets on positions

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catch spam from apache

Sometimes is very hard to debug from which virtual host spam is This can be check very easy with this trick create a new file  vim /usr/local/bin/phpsendmail place inside it #!/usr/bin/php <?php $sendmail = ‘/usr/sbin/sendmail’; $logfile = ‘/var/log/mail.form’; /* Get

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idea for id storing of files

If you have some time of id in your database and you want to save file associated with this id it’s not a good idea to make dir with id value and save the file there because on some point

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mysql server has gone away or connection timeout

If you do a lots of things in one php script this usually takes some time and mysql can gone away 😉 for this when you run new query you can run it with this function which will connect again

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