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wordpress forse css styles version

Sometime css files version need to be set so update to be forced on all users which are visiting the site This can be done very easy in wordpress just need to add those lines in function.php of the theme

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extra space after textarea differ in different browsers

There is different space after textarea in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE To fix this problem you need to add following to the css style of the textarea element vertical-align: top

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joomla add javascript or css

Добавянето на JavaScript или CSS файл в заглавната <head> част на Joomla от модул или компонент е стандартна функция за Joomla 1.6 $document =& JFactory::getDocument(); # adding javascript file to joomla template $document->addScript(„/modules/mod_loopedslider/js/jquery-1.4.min.js“); $document->addScript(„/modules/mod_loopedslider/js/loopedslider.js“); # adding css file to joomla

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