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Drupal debug

Sometimes is very hard to debug Drupal when you get white screen of death Very often some module is making the mess To check which module is breaking the site Open includes/module.inc and find function module_invoke_all Add bolded line to

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mysql Warning: Using unique option prefix pass instead of password is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please use the full name instead.

If you get some errors like this you need to open your home directory vim ~/.my.cnf and change on the row pass= to password=

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idea for id storing of files

If you have some time of id in your database and you want to save file associated with this id it’s not a good idea to make dir with id value and save the file there because on some point

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rsync sync directories with resume

rsync -rPtz –progress -e ssh /local_backup_path/ remote_host:/remote_backup_path/ The -e ssh tells rsync to use a ssh client instead of rsh. The -z option compresses the file. -t preserves time attributes and the -P option resumes incomplete file transfers. If you

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Linux screenshot from command line

import -window root screenshot.png requires imagemagick

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